Hi,form my englisch clients

My name is Simone, certified Social Worker and contextual counsellor. I am specialized in a broad set of subjects surrounding pregnancy and conception. Apart from looking at the here and now, it is necessary to look back at the generation that came before you and what their influence if on the situation you stand before today. We will also look ahead at what the possible consequence will be for the generation yet to come.  

I’m available to help you deal with:

  • Fertility problems and unfulfilled wish for pregnancy
  • Miscarriage en pregnancy loss
  • Dealing with conditions as endometriosis, Hellp syndrome, gynecologic cancer, or DES related problems.
  • Orientation on donor conception, adoption and foster care.
  • Pre and post abortion counseling
  • Post adoption guidance and support
  • And identity questions as result of donor conception

The way I work.. 

Multi partial…

Because you’re not alone, but together with significant others. To work through difficulties in life together demands a multi partial vision which values every perspective. In conversation I will always be aware of the significant people involved end and if they are helpful or how they could be of help. We also look at the relationships that were hurtful and where healing is needed and possible.

With  care, attention, and confrontation…

Professional attention for your situation, your story. There are no mandatory procedure protocols and you won’t be put on a waiting-list. If necessary it will hurt a bit, but a bit humor is just as important.

Carefully weighing interest.

To me it’s important that the interest of all who are involved is considered. Often this is complicated because of existing contradictions. There will be empathy to short term longing and at the same time we will create awareness of the long term consequences.
During counseling sessions we search for possibilities, strength and missing pieces. To give you the ability and knowledge to move on.    

Also, feel free to give me a call or send me an email for urther information and a meeting.

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